It's really About you

We are your sustainable partner in real estate with proven competencies in satisfying customers with exceptional taste. Driven by an internal team of talented professionals whose estate development, Bilaad Realty has been earning and keeping clients trust with an unwavering commitment to white-glove services, expertise, and integrity. 

We pick the values that drive towards Nigeria’s improvement and greatness by aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) 2030, and adapting them to our day to day activities achieving sustainable real estate solutions. We will continue to build from our past, while also keeping a keen eye on industry developments, optimizing our tools, systems and methodologies, in line with relevant new technologies to ensure we reach our fullest potential in meeting the progressing needs of our clients and the nation we serve.


Ensuring that one's property investment brings the hoped-for returns – both in terms of investment value and in lifestyle benefits, we offer guidance on a comprehensive range of investment options, cultivating investment that seeks to combat climate change, while promoting corporate responsibility.
Taking cognizance of the growing concerns and need for sustainable living, we embark on environmental policies that progressively seek to conserve natural resources and reduce the impact of our activities on the surrounding environment, while sustaining these policies across our partners, residents and employees.
We initiate and nurture a seamless client and partner bond by engaging in a beyond-sales process through personalized relations and tailored communications, while also working collectively towards changing the narrative of Nigeria, gradually touching the various facets in providing sustainable lifestyles.

Clean lines, elegant spaces, neutral tones, and exquisite finishes define our homes, which are driven by innovative methods and high aesthetic appeal. Our homes are designed to reduce buildings’ negative environmental impact by improving efficiency and moderation in the use of resources, energy, development space, and the ecosystem as a whole.