It's really About you

The Nigerian property market is a matrix of opportunities and risk that spans across residential, commercial and industrial real estate. Our approach seeks to identify and isolate industry issues by proffering solutions through academic publications and professional practice.

The cornerstone of sustainable real estate is hinged on innovation through alternative project finance, partnerships and restructuring value-chain bureaucracy to strengthen development of future cities. Our expertise covers delivery of complex development projects and project management. The sustainable communities created by Bilaad Realty, refines lifestyle choices.


Knowledgeable teams, valued collaborations, and meticulous execution are the foundation of the solutions we bring. Whether you are acquiring a property or
integrating a smart home feature, conducting financial due diligence, or assessing third party risk, we provide a full range of real estate advisory services in accordance with professional and ethical standards.

Our advisory services help our clients maximize the value of their real estate holdings and make important business decisions with confidence.

Investment Advisory

We understand the challenges involved in real estate investment, and as a leading developer, we have a vested interest in offering the best solutions by educating our clients on the various options in making profitable investments. We engage in budding relationships by understanding client objectives, partnering with property owners, service providers and a wide range of other players to maximise value, shape growth strategies, and become more innovative all while adhering to our commitment to integrity.

Project Management

For many businesses, real estate development and management is a significant cost and potential risk center. Our dedicated and experienced project managers deliver detailed and proven risk mitigation strategies whilst delivering quality outcomes. Our team of industry qualified professionals have in-depth experience in all matters of design and construction methodologies. We make it a point to thoroughly understand your business and or individual goals, walk through the planning and operational requirements to deliver concept-to-completion project solution.