The Real Estate Industry in Nigeria is amongst the largest contributors to the nation's economic growth.As the industry is growing rapidly, preserving the environment is a collective responsibility. The fast paced depletion of resources,rising pollution and climate change is affecting human life significantly.
This state of affairs calls for closer attention and increased collaboration to take measures towards the reduction of pollution and environmental degradation. The building sector, which is one of the largest consumers of natural resources and emits a significant amount of pollutants as well as wastes, can play a vital role in building a more sustainable environment by increased usage of green technologies.
The concept of green technologies refers to the choices guiding design and construction that incorporate; use of renewable energy resources,
preserving the bounties of nature, amongst others. It is imperative that we encourage each other to build communities that promote healthier, happier and more productive lives. Taking care of the environment from a local to global scale must be deliberate and sustained across all sectors and industries in countries
around the world.

Chief Executive Officer
Bilaad Realty Ltd


As a nation, we have progressed in several facets of development since our independence. While we should acknowledge the milestones we have achieved thus far, we are yet to accomplish all of our goals.
Over the past decades, Nigeria has faced many developmental challenges, including issues with sub-par capacity and poor policy implementation. As organizations and individuals, we can do more to empower the nation.Initiatives should be implemented to encourage stakeholders and the government to strive for development across all levels.
The reputation of our country is our most treasured asset and the foundation on which we have built ourselves. The only way to protect and continue to improve our reputation is to meet our commitments, innovate in our businesses, deliver excellence – and then repeat.As we celebrate Nigeria’s 59th year of independence and the 2nd anniversary of Bilaad, we will continue to participate in activities that foster growth and capacity building through collaborations and partnerships. We believe it is the right path for us as an organization, and also for our nation as a whole. Congratulations to us at Bilaad and a Happy Independence celebration Nigeria!

Aliyu Aliyu
Chief Executive Officer Bilaad Realty Ltd.


Sustainable communities are fast coming under intense focus internationally; attention is now being placed on managing Eco-systems of how people, buildings, and the environment interacts in the 21st century and beyond. This encompasses an ideal shift of our understanding of the world and our place within it. In sustainable communities, resource utilization is shared across residents thereby reducing overall cost of maintenance, enhanced security, leveraging on technological advancements, and providing an environment where family development can thrive; essentially, promoting sustainable living. The question now lies on how best to design spaces that help our movement into a more sustainable world. If we are to have any chance of creating vibrant communities that offer people the quality of life that opens up to new opportunities, then we have to draw on
communities that are well balanced, integrated and even have an impact on future generations. We have to think about building for the future and wider needs.

Aliyu Aliyu
Chief Executive Officer
Bilaad Realty Ltd


In Nigeria, inadequate electricity supply has remained a concern for over 3 decades; individuals and corporations rely on standby generators which increase the overall cost of living, business operations, and pollute the environment. As a result, overall energy bills are steeply rising and the impact on quality of air/ozone layer demands an urgent approach to leverage on more efficient energy production and consumption solutions for use by homeowners and corporations.
Advancement in technology has introduced solar and wind energy solutions which are utilized to bridge deficiency gaps from the grid or used as a main source of electricity supply in offsite locations. Similarly, electrical appliances have undergone exponential improvements in their efficiency ratings which are further enhanced by integration of central automation systems. The need to conserve energy is greatly outweighed by our energy-use behaviors; like being a bit careless about switching off light bulbs or other electrical appliances when not in
use. To improve our consumption pattern and reduce energy bills, we at Bilaad Realty understand that incorporating practices and standards that will increase convenience and adoption of energy efficient devices/appliances will be the best decision to allow you save more on cost of living or running your business long term while promoting an Eco-friendly environment for a sustainable lifestyle.

Aliyu Aliyu
Chief Executive Officer Bilaad Realty Ltd.


According to Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs, shelter is one of the basic physiological needs of every human. In Nigeria, the ability for anyone to conquer home ownership provides immense latitude for achieving greater success in their struggle through life. In other words, without shelter, man is less likely to bother about social activities, suffer from low self esteem, let alone work toward a higher goal of self-actualization. As troubling as this may seem, we understand a lot of us share in this predicament which we seek guidance on how to overcome.
The decision to invest in real estate is influenced by several factors of price, location, purpose of property (home ownership or income generation), payment flexibility, and overall knowledge of the property market. We believe it is important to provide intending property owners with sufficient information and advice appropriately on sustainable investment opportunities within our sphere of the real estate industry. Ultimately, our objective is to offer unmatched guidance to individuals and groups, fulfilling their property ownership targets and lead us to become the preferred sustainable partner in real estate for the year 2019.
Happy New Year!

Aliyu Aliyu
Chief Executive Officer Bilaad Realty Ltd


The word “Sustainability” is oftentimes used with its meaning clouded in a number of superficial tendencies. For us as a team who have a deeper understanding of what the concept means, we embrace the preservation of the environment, development-related issues such as the efficient use of resources and dynamic social progress.
Much of the industry today is based on a “build today, fix tomorrow” philosophy rather than on one that anticipates future trends and how they affect the performance of buildings. However, with so many uncertainties in life, the ability to respond to change should be what defines the future-proof status of any building. Sustainability means a lot to us at Bilaad Realty. It means the efficient use of resources in all our projects; considering the environmental impact that is created from the manner in which we source the materials for all our activities and the processes with which we get them done. It means understanding our projects; and not just the profit that will be garnered, but also in terms of our relationship with our staff, clients, community and the environment. For us, the concept of sustainability means asking ourselves “if every company or service provider offers the same surface level service, who then offers value, who offers quality”?

Also known as Green building has been attracting a lot of attention lately, but an understanding of its full potential is critical. Green building or sustainable construction refers to both a structure and the application of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource- efficient throughout a building's life-cycle; from planning to design, construction, operation and maintenance. For our team, it does not just entail the creation of buildings that have low environmental impact; it also concerns itself with durability, value and comfort in offering an ideal approach to improving life. Suffice to say that we have been able to incorporate elements of economic efficiency, environmental performance, social responsibility, technological innovation and design flexibility in all our constructions- therefore, greatly contributing to the well-being of buildings as well as involving issues such as the design and management of buildings; material performance;


For us at Bilaad Realty, the road map to sustainable living is inevitably an interesting journey and serves as a template for all our endeavors. It is your resounding confidence in us that continuously boosts our drive to keep you satisfied without compromising on quality and standards,We are happy to launch the first publication in our monthly newsletter which will present discourse on contemporary issues that concern real estate, as we offer our perspective to how we are improving standards of practice in our developments. Most importantly, we will be presenting information on our investment opportunities, products and services, new integrations, as well as current and future collaborations. I advise you to subscribe to our free monthly newsletter and join us in our exciting journey within the real estate industry.

Aliyu Aliyu
Chief Executive Officer Bilaad Realty Ltd

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