In this century, society will confront obstacles of unparalleled complexity. Critical circumstances are affecting our environment, health care, finances, and education, demanding our timely attention. Yet all too often, we approach these issues with piecemeal solutions that are not sufficient to address the problems at the scale at which they exist.Meeting the complexity and emergent nature of these challenges requires transformative business leaders who can focus their attention on the change effort, while still considering the results needed to achieve impact. It requires leaders who are charismatic enough to lead through influence and dynamic enough to engage a diverse team. Leaders who will choose collaboration instead of other means of addressing challenges—such as competing, compromising, or avoiding.
It is safe to say, collaboration is a powerful tool for all business owners, regardless of the industry you are in or the type of business you have. By combining the effort and expertise of different organizations, we are better able to innovate and grow. More and more, there is an increased need for collaboration, and if we can build on this momentum to develop sustainable solutions for everyday real-world problems, we can truly transform our societies for the better.

Aliyu Aliyu
Chief Executive Officer
Bilaad Realty Ltd


In this ever-globalizing world, strategic alliances are becoming more evident, with successes including the fight to end xenophobia, the bilateral trade and
investment relations between China and Nigeria, and the rapid global response to ending a worldwide pandemic Strategic alliances allow organizations and individuals across industries to work toward common or correlating  goals. Companies can participate simultaneously in many kinds of
relationships, and partners in any relationship may play a variety of roles. In every case, a business relationship is more than just the deal. It is a connection between people that can take many forms and contains the potential for additional
collaboration. In the words of Henry Ford: “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”.
The key to achieving success in today’s highly competitive world is to build, nurture and strengthen collaborative business relationships/partnerships. Irrespective of the size, reputation, customer loyalty or business prowess that a business may enjoy today, the continuation of successful collaborative
relationships will enhance the potential for a stream of opportunities.
It is perhaps with this reality in mind that Apple allows third-party developers to create applications for the iPhone OS platform to cater to the burgeoning
needs of iPhone users. Apple forged collaborative relationships with developers as it realized that anticipating all applications iPhone users might
value, was beyond the scope of the company. Hence, the relationship with market-facing developers was formed to help meet customer expectations and
build customer loyalty.

The scenario is no different in the Real Estate Industry. Advantages of entering into strategic alliances include diversifying product and services, increased client base, shared knowledge and resources, shared technology and a wide scope of
operations. The buyer entrusts the developer with their investments/data, in hopes that the developer channels its investments, technology platforms, and
human capital into creating a satisfying lifestyle for its clients. In our experience working with individuals and organisations across industries and countries, Bilaad
Realty understands the importance of collaboration and strategic alliances to create and sustain fruitful relationships for the satisfaction of our clients.
We are building networks that are complex and vibrant and recreating the business world that we think will thrive in a natural ecosystem. We believe that collaboration is one of the core attitudes and practices that is going to catalyze the change that is so urgently needed in these evolving times, and stay motivated to explore and enter into relationships with open-ended possibilities.

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