The Real Estate Industry in Nigeria is amongst the largest contributors to the nation’s economic growth.As the industry is growing rapidly, preserving the environment is a collective responsibility. The fast paced depletion of resources,rising pollution and climate change is affecting human life significantly.
This state of affairs calls for closer attention and increased collaboration to take measures towards the reduction of pollution and environmental degradation. The building sector, which is one of the largest consumers of natural resources and emits a significant amount of pollutants as well as wastes, can play a vital role in building a more sustainable environment by increased usage of green technologies.
The concept of green technologies refers to the choices guiding design and construction that incorporate; use of renewable energy resources,
preserving the bounties of nature, amongst others. It is imperative that we encourage each other to build communities that promote healthier, happier and more productive lives. Taking care of the environment from a local to global scale must be deliberate and sustained across all sectors and industries in countries
around the world.

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Evidence is growing that green buildings provide some of the most effective means to achieving a range of global goals, such as addressing climate change, creating sustainable and thriving communities, and driving economic growth.
Green residential projects are not just limited to being a trend anymore – they are rapidly becoming the new standard for healthy and responsible living.Facilitating a beer and cleaner lifestyle, these green projects bring with them aspects including
sustainable design, scientific construction, and energy-efficient operations.
Green features are widely noticeable in luxury projects and with me, cost effective components are being passed on to residential housing. There has been a growing demand for green homes as home buyers wish to live in residences that have been created without compromising the natural surroundings.

Throughout the globe, individuals and organizations  are actively making a conscious effort to protect the natural environment. Projects that are equipped
with solar panels, green surroundings, effective waste management systems, and provide enough natural light, resonate more with today’s home buyer. Additionally, the presence of greenery in a project is open consciously desired, especially
within cites that may be starved with vast open and green spaces. There are many benefits of having abundant open spaces in a residential area. Apart from recreational space, green open spaces also provide the ideal means for ground water recharging, rainwater harvesting, and solar panel installation to generate
uninterrupted sustainable energy.
Green building practices can improve the environment’s ecology in numerous ways. They can reduce energy consumption by 20-30%, water usage by 30-50%, and significantly reduce waste generation through extensive recycling. The use of
green building practices leads to:

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