Sustainable communities are fast coming under intense focus internationally; attention is now being placed on managing Eco-systems of how people, buildings, and the environment interacts in the 21st century and beyond. This encompasses an ideal shift of our understanding of the world and our place within it. In sustainable communities, resource utilization is shared across residents thereby reducing overall cost of maintenance, enhanced security, leveraging on technological advancements, and providing an environment where family development can thrive; essentially, promoting sustainable living. The question now lies on how best to design spaces that help our movement into a more sustainable world. If we are to have any chance of creating vibrant communities that offer people the quality of life that opens up to new opportunities, then we have to draw on
communities that are well balanced, integrated and even have an impact on future generations. We have to think about building for the future and wider needs.

Aliyu Aliyu
Chief Executive Officer
Bilaad Realty Ltd


The notion of sustainable communities- and the most associated ideals of livable neighborhoods has led to some interesting explorations, providing us with a number of pointers when thinking of ways to improve the communities we live in. While several neighborhoods in Nigeria were planned with focus on conducive livelihood, little or no emphasis was placed on long term resource conservation. Accordingly, sustainable communities are planned for present and future generations in a way that
relishes cultural, social, and environmental intricacies. Housing development trends are constantly evolving to keep pace with homeowner needs, lifestyle options, and environmental preservation. People are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact of climate change and pollution, energy costs, and the need to maintain a healthy life. As such, a sustainable community is one where design, planning, and utilization have been appropriately thought-out. Some things to notice in any of such communities include but may not be limited to the following:
Ÿ Energy Conservation: An essential part of sustainable communities is the utilization of energy efficient appliances supported with renewable, clean energy (solar or wind). In most cases the energy source is supported by the municipal grid system; offering residents long term cost saving as a whole.
Ÿ Leisure and Recreation: The well-being of people within a sustainable community is accorded significant attention through the incorporation of indoor and outdoor gyms, swimming pools, jogging and cycling tracks to encourage regular exercise, as well as parks and gardens for outdoor relaxation and picnics, to stimulate social interactions. Apart from adding beauty to the environment, green areas within the community increase the amount of fresh air and provide a safe habitat for nave wildlife (birds). Having a well-integrated community with shared facilities and cost can make for a comfortable living.
Ÿ Modern Home Designs: The designs of homes in sustainable communities are usually unique and modern. They are planned to take the most advantage of daylight, incorporate large windows for ventilation, integrated with intelligent home systems, and visual appeal. Ÿ Waste Management: Disposal of waste is handled in a manner that has the least impact on the environment as possible. In sustainable communities, you will find a reasonable level of recycling activities for plastic boles, utilization of sewage treatment plants (STPs) for production of organic fertilizer and lawn irrigation solutions.
Ÿ Security: As a priority, sustainable communities utilize cutting edge technology in the provision of home specific and communal security systems. In many cases remote closed circuit television surveillance (CCTV) systems are deployed to cater for the safety of people who live within.
It is no longer right for people to imagine a community that provides numerous opportunities to enjoy a wonderful quality of life. Extra attention should be paid to the next community you move into, house you choose to rent, or home you choose to buy. Ensure that the developer strives to preserve the quality of its environment and your well-being; offering you a first class community that has a variety of housing options, green spaces, recreational and fitness facilities.
At Bilaad Realty, we are conversant with the fact that the world of today is fast-paced, full of people who increasingly seek authentic experiences from places where they live, work and interact. Looking forward, our housing environment of today is not only about the residential surroundings but about delivering functionality and shaping lives.

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