In Nigeria, inadequate electricity supply has remained a concern for over 3 decades; individuals and corporations rely on standby generators which increase the overall cost of living, business operations, and pollute the environment. As a result, overall energy bills are steeply rising and the impact on quality of air/ozone layer demands an urgent approach to leverage on more efficient energy production and consumption solutions for use by homeowners and corporations.
Advancement in technology has introduced solar and wind energy solutions which are utilized to bridge deficiency gaps from the grid or used as a main source of electricity supply in offsite locations. Similarly, electrical appliances have undergone exponential improvements in their efficiency ratings which are further enhanced by integration of central automation systems. The need to conserve energy is greatly outweighed by our energy-use behaviors; like being a bit careless about switching off light bulbs or other electrical appliances when not in
use. To improve our consumption pattern and reduce energy bills, we at Bilaad Realty understand that incorporating practices and standards that will increase convenience and adoption of energy efficient devices/appliances will be the best decision to allow you save more on cost of living or running your business long term while promoting an Eco-friendly environment for a sustainable lifestyle.

Aliyu Aliyu
Chief Executive Officer Bilaad Realty Ltd.


After you buy your dream home, you are faced with the daily operational expenditures associated with lifestyle (electricity, water, security, and sanitation). One of the most considerate aspects of a home or property lies in its energy efficiency; thereby, making it a great investment in the short and long term. Electricity bills serve as the singular most significant expense in upkeep of a property. Based on the steady increase in electricity tariff, getting an outrageous power bill can be disrupting, not only can it interfere with your financial plans for the rest of the month, it can leave you sorting for endless ways on how to cut back on the amount of energy consumed.
Currently, most home developers lay emphasis on the aesthetic appeal of a home with little or no consideration for energy efficiency. Your home can be more; in our experience, a home is beyond beautifully painted walls and ample parking areas. It is about creating intelligent home environments that look as good as they perform; especially as they save you money in your absence. The integration of solar power solutions with electrical appliances that have high efficiency ratings, an individual is able to significantly cut down monthly power bills. In addition, you are saving the environment through fewer emissions; so, great job for helping to preserve the earth!!!
Fortunately, we have you covered; imagine the ease and convenience of having to control your home seamlessly with just one touch or beer yet, a unified control system. Our home automation QUALITY MANAGEMENT PLAN solution enables you manage home systems, giving you absolute knowledge of what goes on in your home. The capacity to monitor kids at home with CCTV surveillance system, have access control to main entrance doors, turn off lights when not in use, or even regulate the thermostat on your air conditioner all from a mobile device. You are assured of a home that incorporates a high degree of intelligent functionality and flexibility while bearing in mind the need to create value by improving on the overall quality of your life.
Leveraging on advancements in technology that bring convenience in your life is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. As we are continuously faced with the need to utilize diesel powered generators, having appropriate substitutes (solar power) and the right energy setup can make a difference how much you spend to maintain your home. In the same vein, it will positively influence our energy utilization culture by making us more conscious as monitoring your home energy consumption is not always easy. At Bilaad Realty, we’re constantly evolving to keep pace with tomorrow’s innovations in providing solutions that will stand the test of me.



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