According to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, shelter is one of the basic physiological needs of every human. In Nigeria, the ability for anyone to conquer home ownership provides immense latitude for achieving greater success in their struggle through life. In other words, without shelter, man is less likely to bother about social activities, suffer from low self esteem, let alone work toward a higher goal of self-actualization. As troubling as this may seem, we understand a lot of us share in this predicament which we seek guidance on how to overcome.
The decision to invest in real estate is influenced by several factors of price, location, purpose of property (home ownership or income generation), payment flexibility, and overall knowledge of the property market. We believe it is important to provide intending property owners with sufficient information and advice appropriately on sustainable investment opportunities within our sphere of the real estate industry. Ultimately, our objective is to offer unmatched guidance to individuals and groups, fulfilling their property ownership targets and lead us to become the preferred sustainable partner in real estate for the year 2019.
Happy New Year!

Aliyu Aliyu
Chief Executive Officer Bilaad Realty Ltd


A recent listing of the world’s richest people highlights many attained their feat through conscious and deliberate investments in real estate. More importantly, the salient aspect of their wealth portfolio in properties is based on securing locations which are unique, in high-demand, and have potential for asset appreciation. The real estate industry in Nigeria is interesting, as immense and boundless socioeconomic investment opportunities are available across its value-chain.
When studying the real estate market, it may be noticed that it comprises of residential, commercial, and industrial dimensions which offer their respective opportunities based on the requirements of individuals or groups. Real estate is still an emerging market in this part of the world; this is further emphasized as the Nigerian Government stresses the supply deficit within the residential real estate market. As several real estate companies try to offer housing options, individuals are let to balance factors of price, location, purpose of property (home ownership or income generation), property size, payment flexibility, and overall knowledge of the property market.
The requirement of each individual is unique when it comes to buying a property from any particular developer. In several cases, people are more comfortable with developers that appeal to their individual values and aspiration. This may also comprise of a number of influencing factors which include ideal lifestyle, convenience, style, quality, privacy, and respect for environment, as well as available infrastructure and amenities. Bilaad Realty always incorporates these issues into the and design of our properties and sustainable communities.
Once all aforementioned criteria have been fulfilled appropriately, the next hurdle to cross is “when is the best me to invest in real estate?”, we say “NOW!!! The property market offers as much as
50% appreciation value within a 24 – 36 month period. This all depends on location, quality of build, size and available amenities. There are three levels and me at which a property could be purchased and offer different rates of return;
Ÿ Off-plan – At this stage, people are likely to get the best offer on a property considering the developer is at commencement level; sometimes, clients are able to negotiate a longer payment cycle for the property.
Ÿ Semi-Finished – At this stage, people purchase properties that have already attained 70% completion with the aim to complete the remaining aspects of the development by themselves or through self-appointed.



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