The word “Sustainability” is oftentimes used with its meaning clouded in a number of superficial tendencies. For us as a team who have a deeper understanding of what the concept means, we embrace the preservation of the environment, development-related issues such as the efficient use of resources and dynamic social progress.
Much of the industry today is based on a “build today, fix tomorrow” philosophy rather than on one that anticipates future trends and how they affect the performance of buildings. However, with so many uncertainties in life, the ability to respond to change should be what defines the future-proof status of any building. Sustainability means a lot to us at Bilaad Realty. It means the efficient use of resources in all our projects; considering the environmental impact that is created from the manner in which we source the materials for all our activities and the processes with which we get them done. It means understanding our projects; and not just the profit that will be garnered, but also in terms of our relationship with our staff, clients, community and the environment. For us, the concept of sustainability means asking ourselves “if every company or service provider offers the same surface level service, who then offers value, who offers quality”?

Also known as Green building has been attracting a lot of attention lately, but an understanding of its full potential is critical. Green building or sustainable construction refers to both a structure and the application of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource- efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle; from planning to design, construction, operation and maintenance. For our team, it does not just entail the creation of buildings that have low environmental impact; it also concerns itself with durability, value and comfort in offering an ideal approach to improving life. Suffice to say that we have been able to incorporate elements of economic efficiency, environmental performance, social responsibility, technological innovation and design flexibility in all our constructions- therefore, greatly contributing to the well-being of buildings as well as involving issues such as the design and management of buildings; material performance;

construction processes; energy and resource efficiency in buildings; operation and maintenance; long-term monitoring of projects; adherence to ethical standards; occupational health and safety in working environment. The advent of sustainable construction has helped evolve and unlock new possibilities for us at Bilaad Realty. Firstly, our environmentally friendly work spaces have increased productivity and employee performance; because we understand that the better the environment, the easier it is to concentrate and work effectively towards the completion of tasks. Secondly, our buildings are beneficial to the general well-being of our clients’ and prospective by providing amenities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Also, sustainable buildings take into serious consideration a number of essential elements like the installation of well-insulated windows, ceilings and walls that ensure energy efficiency, waste minimization and the use of renewable sources and materials. With continual development and daily improvements in the industry, our sustainable constructions have an abundance of benefits; improved health due to safer materials and increased productivity as a result of better surroundings are only a few advantages. Green buildings are here to stay.



A project quality management plan refers to a written plan that details the management of quality on specific construction projects. BILAAD Realty Ltd. has been able to adopt the globally recognized industry standard of Project Management practices for its Quality Management Plan.

The quality management plan is a component of the project management plan that describes how the organization’s quality policies will be implemented. This quality control management plan will consist of measures for checking and monitoring of all construction activities to ensure that they are carried out efficiently according to the laid down procedures that will enable them meet with the quality requirements. Quality is assured by assigning full-time, dedicated, and competent staff to perform the quality functions of inspection, testing, surveillance,training, and auditing of quality processes and procedures used during the design and construction work. All these are done to ensure that we deliver products and services that meet or exceed the quality requirements of customers and clients.
Improved electronic document and data management that is accessible to BILAAD Realty and that continues effectively from the design through construction phases is implemented to ensure uninterrupted communication link between the Senior Quality Officers and the final contractors.

Quality control is usually classified based on two terms- quality and control. Quality refers to a degree of products offering prestige, taste, durability or fitness with relative cost to customer’s requirements. Control on the other hand, maintains certain conditions necessary to keep an object or commodity under a specified state, in this case, quality. However, Quality control is a continuous process and should not be excluded from any part of design or construction activities. Quality control should be performed through mechanisms such as design process reviews, inspection and test plans, internal plan and process reviews, factory inspections, and audits.

The Specific control measures that have been put in place and implemented to ensure quality control delivery are Site Inspections, Activity Checklists, Correction Order and Stage Certification.

This kicks-off with adequate inspection notification by the visiting Quality Monitoring Unit (PMO) to the site contractors/supervisors, other inspections that are carried out tentatively within the execution of work include the inspection of construction tests and inspection of materials.

The Activity checklist is a list of items and elements arranged chronologically to be checked and monitored on an activity-by-activity basis by the Quality Monitoring unit (PMO) of BILAAD Reality Ltd. against the contractor’s checklist. It ensures that specific quality requirements are met and none is left out or skipped.

When material, performed work or installation is found to be deficient and/or does not meet the project standards or specifications, BILAAD’s Team Lead (Project) and Site Contractor shall ensure that the non-conforming material, work or installation is identified and controlled to prevent unintended use or delivery. The Quality Monitoring Unit (PMO) will ensure deficiency correction is implemented by the contractor within the required time and that replacement shall be done in accordance with the corresponding technical specifications. However, The Correction Order must be attested to by the Quality Monitoring Unit (PMO) to certify that all due correction have been properly implemented.

As laid down in the quality management plan, each of the stages of the quality management process shall go through checks by the Quality Monitoring Unit (PMO) and subsequent certification for an approval to proceed on to the next stage follows. As such, the Quality Monitoring Unit (PMO) will issue out a stage completion certificate to the contractor to attest that the stage has been completed line with the quality requirements.

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